Crazy Go

If you cannot get enough of go, try this. More or less meaningful variants of go such as Electric Go, Keima Go, Torus Go, Cologne Cathedral Go etc. Watch the notice board for details.

For most of us, chances of picking up a European Go Championship title are probably rather low. If you really need one, Crazy Go offers a few less unreasonable options for you.

Playing Area

Großer Saal

  • Coordinate Go: Stephan Klunne
  • Electric Go: Judith Bergmann
  • Honeycomb Go: Ludger Prünte
  • Round Go: Ludger Prünte
  • Inflation Go: Jonas Welticke
  • Keima Go: Martin Ruzicka
  • Psycho Go: Cinal Tarik
Winners Crazy Go
  1. Prünte, Ludger (8k)
  2. Groß, Sebastian
  3. Cinal Tarik (1d)

All Results

# Timetable Begin End
1 Wednesday - 01 August 2012 10:30 13:45