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Thank you very much - Without all of you the congress would not have been possible ...

European Go Congress 2012 is over.

It would not have been possible without the many helping hands and heads that supported the congress in many different ways. Many of you even took two weeks holidays to work for the congress!

I know that it is difficult to make a list of helpers - as one always forgets somebody - but I anyway try to make a list as good as I can. You may add names, if you wish!

So very many thanks to:

Ines Ahrens, Ingo Althöfer, Christina Amhof, Kalli Balduin, Fabian Bambusch, Ngoc-Chi Banh, Janine Böhme, Laura Bürger, Thilo Burkhardt, Pierre Chamot, Ingrid Chang, Paul Conradi, Ilona Crispien, Michael Drewitz, Elke Ebbesen, Andreas Ensch, Lisa Ente, Deniz Ervens, Dennis Fischer, Jens-Uwe Gaspar, Christian Gawron, Kirsten Grimm, Christiane Hensel, Rainer Hensel, Martin Hershoff, Philip Hiller, Stefanie Hippe, Rudi Hirst, Robert Jasiek, Georg Kaczmarek, Thomas Kettenring, Barbara Knauf, Franz-Josef Knauf, Torsten Knauf, Bernhard Kraft, Matthias Krings, Martin Langer, Manja Marz, Micha Marz, Kai Meemken, Pascal Müller, Hans Mulder, Mieke Narjes, Klaus Petri, Regina Quest, Bernd Radmacher, Ioana Rölleke, Dörte Rüten-Budde, Jan Rüten-Budde, Kevin Sanow, Frank Schnitzler, Martin Stiassny, Jochen Tappe, Jun Tarumi, Guido Tautorat, Tanja Tepper, Anne Trinks, Andreas Urban, Andre Weiher, Grace Zhang, Stefan Budig with Go Kids from Hamburg, Go Youth Players from Bonn, Design Students from Bestwig, Taiko Drummers from Meschede, Tobias Berben, Gunnar Dickfeld, Manfred Goetz, Steffi Hebsacker, Carsten Kraus, Meng Weixang, Alexander Nittka, Daniela Trinks, Judith van Dam, Jens Vygen, Harry Weerheijm, Ferdinand, Hannah, Thomas, Alina, Leopold, Martin and Julia, and all the helping hands who just did the work they saw, like translating, writing down commentaries, reorganizing playing material, arranging or cleaning up the congress location, hosting Go players during congress time, helping other Go players to find what they were searching for etc. etc.




Lost and Found

Visitors of the EGC 2012 who miss something (like jackets, kifus, etc.) that might be given to the Lost & Found Box of the Congress, may contact Martin Langer at

Visitors who have borrowed or found a travel guide from the table opposite the Info Desk (marked with a sticker "do not take away please") are very welcome to send it to Regina Quest, Königstr. 30, 53113 Bonn. Thank you very much in advance!


Final Game Simara vs. Shikshin

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Final Results of Main Tournament

Final results of the main tournament of the European Go Congress can be found at



Jan Simara is European Champion 2012

He won his game against Ilya Shikshin today.


Photos by Olivier Dulac

Here are new photos by Oliver Dulac.First you have to klick on "My Photographs", then on "All my photos". Now you can select the folder "EGC2012 (Bonn)" and insert the password "ODEGC" to see the photos. If you want to contact him, you can do this by writing him an e-mail:


Rapid Round 6: Results

Here are the pairings of the round 6 of the rapid tournament and here are the results of this round.


Huang Yizhong: Game commentary Törmänen vs. Debarre (Quarter Final)

Commentary written by Barbara Knauf (in German)

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