Phantom Rengo


Phantom Rengo tournament was won by Lena Gauthier and Marcus Roelz, second came Kevin Sanow and Malte Gerhold, third Oliver Wolf and Young Sam Kim. 

If you wonder how it works: There are two boards with a wall in between so that players do not see the other board. On each board one of the players of a team is playing. He sees the moves of the player sitting opposite of him, but neither the moves of his partner nor of the other opponent player. Only the referee sees both boards, and the boards are joined on the referee board. The referee announces whether the move is possible (i.e. there is no stone of either colour at the same spot), if stones get into atari (how many and which colour), if stones are caught and if a move is illegal. So it is not unusual that with one move, x own and y opponent stones are set into atari ;-)