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Catalin: Public Game Commentary Debarre vs. Shikshin (Semifinal)

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Main #10: Temporary Pairings Board 1-10

Here are the temporary pairings from board 1-10.


4.8. Others

Beginn End What Place
18:00 19:00 Closing ceremony Großer Saal or Musikpavillon



4.8. Professionals

Beginn End Professionals Place
12:00 14:00 Free commentary: Chang Huai-I/ Chujou Chihiro Terrassensaal
14:00 16:00 Free commentary: Yang Yi/ Huang Yizhong Terrassensaal
14:00 16:00 Simultaneous games: Seungchul Park Foyer
14:00 15:00 Double Kyu lesson: Catalin Taranu Lecture Hall
15:00 16:00 Single Kyu lesson: Chujou Chihiro Lecture Hall
16:00 18:00 Free commentary: Hayashi Kozo/ Catalin Taranu Terassensaal
16:00 18:00 Simultaneous games: Seongryong Kim/ Sungjae Lee/ Seubngchul Park Foyer
16:00 17:00 Dan lesson: Chang Huai-I Lecture Hall



4.8. Tournaments

Beginn End Tournament Place
10:00 16:00 Open European Championship #10 Großer Saal, kleiner Saal I, Parksäle
10:00 16:00 Final Parksaal III



Final Pairings

The final pairings in the Main Tournament for the European Champion are the following:

(first mentioned plays black)

  1. Jan Simara - Ilja Shikshin
  2. Thomas Debarre - Pavol Lisy
  3. Ondrej Silt - Antti Törmänen
  4. Cornel Burzo - Mateusz Surma

Results Phantom Rengo

Here are the results of the Phantom Rengo.