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Phantom Rengo

Phantom Rengo tournament was won by Lena Gauthier and Marcus Roelz, second came Kevin Sanow and Malte Gerhold, third Oliver Wolf and Young Sam Kim. 

If you wonder how it works: There are two boards with a wall in between so that players do not see the other board. On each board one of the players of a team is playing. He sees the moves of the player sitting opposite of him, but neither the moves of his partner nor of the other opponent player. Only the referee sees both boards, and the boards are joined on the referee board. The referee announces whether the move is possible (i.e. there is no stone of either colour at the same spot), if stones get into atari (how many and which colour), if stones are caught and if a move is illegal. So it is not unusual that with one move, x own and y opponent stones are set into atari ;-)


Main #9: Temporary Pairings Board 1-10

Here are the temporary pairings of the board 1-10.


Yoon Young-Sun's public game commentary of the qualification game Zhao Pei vs. Jan Simara

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Rapid Round 5: Results

Here are the results of the Rapid Tournament round 5 and here are the pairings.


3.8. Others

Beginn End What Place
17:00 19:00 Badminton Tournament alloisiuskoleg
20:00 22:30 Songparty EGC Park or Kurfürstensaal



3.8. Professionals

Beginn End Professionals Place
12:00 14:00 Free commentary: Chang Huai-I/ Kim Sungrae Terrassensaal
14:00 16:00 Free commentary: Yang Yi Terrassensaal
14:00 16:00 Simultaneous games: Seongryong Kim/ Sungjae Lee/ Huang Yizhong Foyer
14:00 15:00 Double Kyu lesson: Hayashi Kozo Lecture Hall
15:00 16:00 Single Kyu lesson: Kim Sungrae Lecture Hall
16:00 18:00 Free commentary: Hayashi Kozo/ Chujou Chihiro Terrassensaal
16:00 17:00 Dan lesson: Catalin Taranu Lecture Hall



3.8. Tournaments

Beginn End Tournament Place
10:00 16:00 Open European Championship # 9 Großer Saal, Kleiner Saal I, Parksäle
10:00 16:00 Semifinals Parksaal III
16:30 17:30 Devoteam Rapid #6 Großer Saal
17:45 18:30 Yose Go #1 Großer Saal
18:45 19:30 Yose Go #2 Großer Saal
19:45 20:30 Yose Go #3 Großer Saal
20:45 21:30 Yose Go #4 Großer Saal
24:00 1:30 Midnight Madness #7 Kleiner Saal I



Computer Go: Catalin wins against CrazyStone

While Catalin (5p) lost a 4 stone handicap game against CrazyStone on Wednesday, he won the revenge he got on thursday. After an epic fight CrazyStone resigned in move 233. At that point Catalin was ahead by some 10 points. On KGS, commentators Petr Baudis (Prague, currently in Bonn) and Stefan Kaitschick (Hamburg) made a perfect double. It is worth rereading the (ir) chat in the h4-game of August 02, 2012.

More information on the computer go activities at EGC 2012 can be found at the computer go page.