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2.8. Tournaments

Beginn End Tournament Place
10:00 16:00 Main # 8 Großer Saal, Kleiner Saal I, Parksäle
10:00 16:00 Quarterfinals Parksaal III
16:30 17:30 Devoteam Rapid #5 Großer Saal
18:00 20:00 Phantom Rengo: preliminaries Großer Saal
20:30 21:15 Phantom Rengo: finals Großer Saal
24:00 1:30 Midnight Madness #6 Kleiner Saal I



results crazy go

Here are the results of Crazy Go.


Qualification Games

Mateusz Surma, Jan Simara and Pavol Lisy won the qualification games.


qualification quarter final (round 8) semi final (round 9) final (round 10) European Champion 2012
   Shiksin 7d      
 Pop 7d Surma B+2.5
 Surma 6d
   Debarre 6d  
   Törmänen 6d
   Silt 6d    
 Lisy 5d Lisy W+R
 Florescu 6d
   Burzo 6d  
 Simara 6d Simara W+9.5
 Zhao 6d




Here are new photos from the EuroGoTV and here are some from Joachim Beggerow.


Night of the Long Knives

Yesterday the Night of the Long Knives took place until 5 am in the morning. In the finals Jonas Welticke (4d) won the tournament against Petr Baudis (2k), Christian Kühner (3d) and Martin Ruzicka (1d). 


Table Tennis Tournament

A table tennis tournament took place at Tuesday with 28 participants. Hinnerk Stack (Germany) wins the tournament. Max Gronau (Germany) was on the second place and Thibault Gauthier (Luxembourg) was on the third place.


Results Sunjang

Here are the results of the Sunjang Tournament


Blog:Two projects

There are two projects I like seriously:

First: The Fokushima Project of the Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft (Niederrhein). Children in the area of Fokushima are sent for holidays to Okinawa where they can play outside and camp at the beach without worrying about contaminating themself by doing so. You can find details to this project on web page:

Second: The Project Online Roleplay Game (PORG) where a team is developing a Go based 'online roleplay game'. The basic idea of the project is to make use of the popularity of online roleplay games to propagate the game of Go and also to help beginners on their way to ~10k. Any financial profit that might be generated will be used to support other Go projects as a recreational sport, especially in the youth sector. Bur for now they are searching for more sponsors and collaborators. Anyone who wants to learn more about it can follow the presentation of Janine Böhme in the  Kleiner Saal 2 tomorrow (2nd of August) at 16am.