Open European Championship


Final Results of Main Tournament

Final results of the main tournament of the European Go Congress can be found at



Main #9: Temporary Pairings Board 1-10

Here are the temporary pairings of the board 1-10.


EGC Poker Championship

The EGC Poker Championship had 18 participants with 16 men and 2 women, that managed to reach the heads up. Finally Steffi Hebsacker won the tournament and now officially holds the title of "EGC Poker Champion 2012". Second was Kirstin Grimm, third Tobias Berben und fourth Lennart Bonke, all from Germany.


Results Quarter Finals & Pairings Semi Finals of European Championship

The results of today's quarter finals are:

qualifications quarter finals (round 8) semi finals (round 9) finals (round 10) European Champion 2012
   Shiksin 7d Shikshin B+1,5    
 Pop 7d Surma B+2.5
 Surma 6d
   Debarre 6d Debarre W+4,5
   Törmänen 6d
   Silt 6d Lisy W+R  
 Lisy 5d Lisy W+R
 Florescu 6d
   Burzo 6d Simara W+R
 Simara 6d Simara W+9.5
 Zhao 6d

The pairings for places five to eight are:

Antti Törmänen - Cornel Burzo

Mateusz Surma - Ondrej Silt


Main #8: Temporary Pairings Board 1-10

The top eight European Players qualified for the quarter finals of the European Championship. These are Ilya Shikshin, Ondrej Silt, Cornel Burzo, Antti Törmänen, Thomas Debarre, Jan Simara, Mateusz Surma and Pavol Lisy. These eight players will play a "tournament inside the main tournament" for the remaining three rounds. Winners of today will play for places one to four, while the others will play for places five to eight. Pairings of today are Ilya Shikshin vs Mateusz Surma, Antti Törmänen vs. Thomas Debarre, Cornel Burzo vs. Jan Simara and Ondrej Silt vs Pavol Lisy. All four games are broadcasted to KGS by users EuroGoTVx.

Remaining main tournament is played on board 6 following, with the blind Go player Pierre Aud0uar playing on board 5 with special equipment.

Here are the pairings of the boards 1-10.

Törmänen vs. Debarre

Surma vs Shikshin

Simara vs. Burzo

Lisy vs Silt



Qualification Games for Top 8 Europeans

The following Go players already qualified for the finals to determine European Champion starting on Thursday:

qualification (round 7) quarter final (round 8) semi final (round 9) final (round 10) European Champion 2012
 Ilja Shiksin 7d      
 Pavol Lisy 5d  
 Ion Florescu 6d
 Thomas Debarre 6d  
 Antti Törmänen 6d
 Ondřej Silt 6d    
 Jan Simara 6d  
 Zhao Pei 6d
 Cornel Burzo 6d  
 Cristian Pop 7d  
 Mateusz Surma 6d

The bold marked games determine the remaining three places in the finals are played on Wednesday.


Go Workshop for Asian Social Business Community

Asian Social Business Community came to the EGC 2012 for an introductory go workshop on Monday, July 30th. The workshop was run by Steffi Hebsacker from the EGC Book Store and was open to guests and visitors interested in Go. Participants were very international, coming from China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. In addition, several Congress Visitors from Bonn joined the workshop who learnt about Go and the EGC through the local press.