Youth Hostel Bonn

The Youth Hostel Bonn is situated on top of the Venusberg mountain on the outskirts of the nature park Kottenforst-Ville. It is about 8km away from the playing site of the congress and we are going to organize a shuttle bus which will take 20 minutes. If you are looking for an accomodation filled with fellow Go players in a nice atmosphere this is the place to stay.Deutsche Jugendherberge Bonn - Entry

The hostel offers 4-bed, 2-bed and single rooms. All rooms are equipped with a toilet and shower. The prices include linen and breakfast. There are common rooms, a small bistro, tabletennis, tabletop soccer, internet and washing facilities. The rooms are somewhat small but very clean and cozy. The staff is friendly and helpful.

There are regular busses going to the city center of Bonn in about 20 minutes. For those not afraid of the steep Venusberg mountain, renting a bike is certainly a good option, too.

For reservations you need to use this special link.

Beds: 249

Prices: 22€/29€/37€ per person and night for 4-bed, 2-bed and single room

Distance to the playing site: 8km