Bonn by Bike

Riding a bike in Bonn is fun.
There are bicycle lines all around. Within the city area, you are often faster by bike than by car.
The city area is flat, so cycling is easy also for not so well trained people. Cycling is also a kind of tourist attractions, for example, you can cycle directly along the river Rhine. For those who take cycling as a sport, the hills of Siebengebirge start just on the other side of river Rhine.

For those of you who plan to stay in the Youth Hostel on Venusberg: There is a walking and biking path up the hill to the youth hostel, that shortens the way between the town hall (playing area) and the youth hostel considerably compared to going by car.

Unfortunately, there are not too many bikes to be rent in Bonn. Therefore, we recommend that you book a bike directly when registering for the European Go Congress.

There are up to 60 bikes available at "Radstation", the largest bike rental station in Bonn.
There will be a special price for the participants of the European Go Congress 2012.
The price will be Euro 6 per day (compared to Euro 7-9 depending on the length of the rent).
You may book directly with Radstation at
Please write in English or German, and don't forget to indicate to them that you are a participant of EGC2012!

Further bike rentals are Drahtesel (0228-361545), Fahrrad Heinemann (0228-354878) and Fun Bikes (0228-317957). Costs vary (cheaper providers are mentioned first), with Euro 7 to 10 per day, Euro 25 to 50 per week, Euro 40 to 100 for two weeks - there are 10 to 15 bikes available per provider.

Organized Cycling Tours

The Cyclists Orientation Tour - We offer an orientation tour on Sunday and Monday at 5 p.m. The meeting point is at the terrace of the Congress Hall. That is the place with the concert shell. This tour will help you to get fast and comfortably to the most interesting places and to the forest. The tour will last two hours. The tempo is slow.

The Daily Cyclists Meeting - All cyclists also meet every day at 5 p.m. at the terrace of the Congress Hall, the place with the concert shell. If there is interest we will arrange a daily cycling tour or help you finding an autonomous cycling group. Therefore have a look on the black board “Sport” for new information.