Greeting of the Mayor of the District of Bad Godesberg Annette Schwolen-Flümann

On behalf of the municipality of Bad Godesberg, I welcome you very warmly to the European Go Congress 2012. I am pleased that the world‘s largest Go event in 2012 with some 1,000 participants from over 30 countries takes place in Bonn-Bad Godesberg. I am very glad to take over the patronage of the EGC 2012 in Bonn.

In preparation for the Go Congress 2012, I got to know a lot about this fascinating game. Go is a game that looks back on more than four thousand years old tradition. With about 30,000 players, Germany is the biggest Go nation in Europe. Worldwide includes the community of Go players well over ten million people. New for me also was, that Bonn plays in Germany’s first Go-league. As I got to know something about your game, I want you as well to learn something about Bad Godesberg, the venue of the European Go Congress in 2012. The more than 800 years old Godesburg, the prince electors Redoute, the residential area and the unique panorama of the Rhine shape the image of the borough. The formerly independent town of Bad Godesberg became part of the city of Bonn as a result of municipal reorganization in 1969. Today Bad Godesberg is home to about 72,000 people. As all four districts of Bonn, it has also retained its peculiarities, that makes the city of Bonn and their districts so livable and lovable.

Until the relocation of Parliament and parts of the government Bad Godesberg was known as the district of Bonn‘s diplomats. Previously, Bad Godesberg proudly called the „garden city on the Rhine.“ Today, parks and avenues go right through the entire district, thereby making it a particularly attractive and family-friendly place to live. In recent years, many young families moved to Bad Godesberg. We are proud to have a selection of schools, which includes state schools of all types, private schools and international education. A wide range of cultural activities, good transport links and a unique landscape complement the high quality of living. The former spa town also has a modern health site with numerous specialty clinics.

You see, Bad Godesberg offers an excellent setting for an event like the European Go Congress 2012. I wish the event a successful course and all participants a pleasant and exciting stay in Bonn and Bad Godesberg.

Annette Schwolen-Flümann, Mayor of the District of Bad Godesberg

Greeting of the President of the German Go Federation Michael Marz

This year we see the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine and the Olympic Games in London - nevertheless, you chose to come to European Go Congress. Well, I would say: Good choice!

Unlike for the other events mentioned, at the Go Congress you are not a spectator, but you are part of the congress. You will find your name on the results lists, and for you the congress is not just fun watching, you will experience the tension before your games, the exitement of winning and the disappointment of losing. No matter whether you are 5 dan or 15 kyu. So welcome to be part of our congress!

We try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. A large number of professionals is here for you to teach you and analyse your games if you wish. We also offer many (more or less serious) side tournaments for you, and if you should become tired of go, you can explore the beauties of the Rhine valley and its surrounding montains or just chill at the congress park.

There is something more to say about Go Congresses. A frequent visitor once said that a Go Congress was more than just playing go, having fun, making holiday etc.; it was also about going home to meet one‘s family. I really like this one. In this sense, if you are a regular congress visitor, welcome back to the family. If you are a congress newbie, enjoy becoming part of a new family.

Michael Marz, President of the German Go Federation