Mr. Korsak Chairasmisak invites the participants of the 13th Yan Huang Emperors

Facts about the Yan Huang Emperors Cup:

  • overseas chinese meet mainland chinese to celebrate the game of weiqi
  • organised and sponsored by the Chinese World Weiqi Federation
  • strong presence of famous professional players
  • by invitation only

Important Dates:

    27.07.12 - Opening Ceremony
    28.07.12 - 29.07.12 -> Regular rounds of the tournament
    30.07.12 - Friendship Games with EGC and Closing Ceremony
    31.07.12 - Rhine River Cruise
    01.08.12 - Transfer to Airport                

Options for participants:

    participate in tournament or tourism events
    participate in the regular EGC main tournament from 22.07.12 to 27.07.12

Please direct all questions to yhkc@dgob.de

This European Go Congress will also host the 14th Yan Huang Cup, details on this can be found in the bulletin.  Nie Weiping will be a special guest, and this friendship match takes place straight after his lecture.  It will be a rengo match, so you will be in contact with up to three Chinese people while playing one game.  Maybe one of them will be Nie Weiping.

Playing Area

Kleiner Saal

# Timetable Begin End
1 Monday - 30 July 2012 16:00 17:30